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Montessori Preschool Programs and Classroom Science Activities

Like other preschool programs, science is central to the Montessori classroom. But that doesn't mean you'll see ready-made experiments or teacher-led STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) activities. If your child is ready to start Montessori preschool, take a look at what you need to know about science in the children's house or Casa dei Bambini.

Your Child Will Have Choices

Montessori classrooms use a child-led approach to learning. Even though the educator prepares the environment (including material choice), supervises, and facilitates, they don't direct or dictate the activities. Instead, your child has the opportunity to explore and control their own learning process.

Unlike traditional early childhood classrooms, your child won't have just one type of science material available or one activity to try. The teacher will carefully select specific science materials and encourage your child to choose and use what interests them. This allows your child to take control of their education, develop their own individual scientific interests, and explore in meaningful ways.

Your Child Will Use Real Materials

Forget about plastic toy microscopes and pretend scientific materials. In the Montessori pre-k classroom, your child will have the chance to use real-world (but age-appropriate) items. These may include real natural materials collected outdoors, anatomy models, magnifying glasses, or other options the teacher chooses.

Your Child Will Learn Real Science Words

Not only will your child use real or practical materials, but they'll also learn real scientific vocabulary. Montessori educators provide their students with the actual names of items they see, feelings they have, and everything else they interact with during the school day — including science concepts and materials.

Your Child Will Learn About Different Subjects

Science isn't a singular subject. Even though it is a broad term for one content area, it includes several different sub-categories your child will learn about.

What types of science content will your preschooler explore in the Montessori children's house? The teacher will help your naturally curious child to make their own discoveries and explore areas such as biology, chemistry, earth sciences, and physics.

Your Child Will Explore Science Individually or In Groups

Even though the Montessori educator will encourage your child to explore the materials at their own pace, the school day may also include small group activities. These could include group science activities the teacher facilitates or explorations the children create with their peers.

Montessori preschool programs are filled with exploration, experimentation, and discovery. The open-ended, hands-on, and child-led approach of these classrooms makes science education an exciting and interesting subject for preschoolers in Montessori schools. If you want to learn more about your child's science experiences, talk to their teacher about science in their classroom.