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Maximize Your Military Education Assistance Benefits

As a military veteran, you have unique access to educational assistance for military personnel. While lucrative, it's important to remember that the program is not limitless. For this reason, it's especially important that you use your benefits wisely, which typically means maximizing the benefit. Learn how you can go about this process. 

Know What You Want

Assess your duties in the military and decide whether or not you want to further your education in this area to advance your career or whether you want to go a completely different route. Whatever avenue you choose is fine, it's simply important that you decide. Every degree or certificate program has a set course path that you must take. 

If you don't plan correctly and decide to change your educational path midstream, you might have to take an entirely different set of courses. As a result, the education benefits you already used will be a complete waste. Take your time and plan out your goals before you begin.

Choose the Right Program

In the same manner that you need to examine what type of career path you want to follow, you should also take the time to ensure you research and choose the correct program. The most important thing for you to do is to choose a program at an accredited institution. This step is important for a couple of reasons. 

First, military educational assistance benefits typically will not cover the educational costs for schools that are not accredited. Second, if this guideline is somehow overlooked, you will find out that the certificate or degree is worthless upon completion, as many employers will not honor a degree from a non-accredited program. 

Research Your Benefits

Sit down and assess what benefits you have. The reason this step is important is that while all veterans are extended educational benefits, not all veterans receive the same benefits. When the individual served and for how long will determine what type of educational benefits, they have access to.

Your service status is also important, as active duty service members are eligible for tuition assistance benefits while they are still serving, as well as post-service benefits. An understanding of what benefits you have can help you maximize your benefits. For example, for a service member on active duty, he or she could use their in-service tuition assistance benefits for an undergraduate degree, and then use their post-service benefits towards their graduate education.  

Keep these tips in mind to reach your educational goals, while maximizing your benefits along the way.